Ready to Quit?

Starting any endeavor typically involves dealing with challenges. These can be mundane tasks, technical learning or just learning how to do something effectively and trying and re-trying until it works. Somewhere along the way we all feel like quitting. Quitting the activity or even the dream. This has happened to me numerous times. Most recently I [...]

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The Key to Manage Life’s Uncertainty

Last month I began to explore a process meant to help lead a Christian from a borrowed faith to a genuine faith. Although this intentional process can occur through different approaches, one that I’ve found works well is the process found in “The Seven Most Important Questions You Will Ever Answer” by Daniel Henderson. The [...]

The Boston bombings: Lessons from an eye witness

Many are anxious and fearful as they watch the news today. Stories of bombings, mass murders, as well as the moral, economic, and spiritual decline of the United States. Of course, this should be disturbing as it reveals the hardships and heartaches many live with each day. However, as a Christian we can have an [...]

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The #1 Key to Creating an Inspired Retirement

In the January newsletter I began a series on creating an Inspired Retirement plan. I mentioned that while most retirement planning focuses solely on finances, an Inspired Retirement also includes having a life plan. The first, and probably most important key to creating a life plan is mind set. The Book of Proverbs states, "As a man [...]

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From Employee to Entrepreneur

Four Key Mistakes to Avoid Many people who enter coaching come from a background of being employed either in a corporate environment or small business. Often the mindset of an employee is very different than the owner’s when it comes to the success of the company. In fact this is a key challenge a new [...]

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