Stressed Out? Key #1: Learn people skills

Maybe it's the pace of life or all the changes going on but people are stressed. As I have coached busy people over the past decade, one common theme that comes up is "How do I manage stress?" It’s sad to see how this beast wreaks havoc on relationships every day and saps productivity from [...]

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Will you really have a Merry Christmas?

Busyness and distractions are the enemies of living with intention and purpose. We are heading into the time of year when busyness is probably at an all time high for most people. Perhaps you can identify with this experience. You create goals and you are clear on how you would like your day, week and [...]

Why Does It Feel Like Something Is Missing?

Recently I found myself reminiscing on a Sunday afternoon about the many autumns our family has shared together. At that moment I realized that a change of seasons in my life is underway. Other than Christmas, autumn is the favorite time of year in our home. We absolutely love September through December! I noticed as [...]

Change or Die: The Value of a Supportive Community

This past January I began a series called creating an Inspired Retirement plan. This series contains parts from my new ebook called: 7 Keys to a Fabulous, Thriving and Rewarding Retirement, which will soon be available. If you would like a complimentary copy, simply email me and I will add your name to the list of those to [...]

One Action That Could Add Years to Your Life

This past January I began a series called creating an Inspired Retirement plan. I mentioned that while most retirement planning focuses solely on finances, an Inspired Retirement must include having a life plan. In February we explored mindset and a 3 step approach to re-shape and transform our thinking. I received a significant amount of [...]

3 Keys to Living a Life of Significance

"When you're 95 years old and looking back at life, what do you wish your life will have counted for?" I asked Bill this question as he began to explore his journey as a corporate manager to his post retirement life. Bill had risen through the ranks of his company and enjoyed his career. He [...]

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