Starting any endeavor typically involves dealing with challenges. These can be mundane tasks, technical learning or just learning how to do something effectively and trying and re-trying until it works. Somewhere along the way we all feel like quitting. Quitting the activity or even the dream.

This has happened to me numerous times. Most recently I was launching a Mastermind Group and I typically will invite four people to be part of this six-month group. My history of response with these groups ranges from overwhelming interest to hardly any. This latest group had been a challenge to get the four people and I really had to push myself. So how did I keep going?

Something that helped me was to re-frame the challenge. It’s like the paradox from James 1:2 which states “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials”. WHAT? Count it joy to fall into trials?? This seems totally against what we want to do when we have trials. But what does re-framing do for us?

Re-framing helps to get beyond the frustration and questions to see things from a life-giving perspective.

For example, my reframe of the potential group member was that the Mastermind Group is the answer they’ve been praying for to propel them forward. My reframe from God’s perspective was that it brings Him glory when I engage the gifts He has given to me to serve new coaches seeking to grow their businesses.

What about you? Perhaps you are trying to get a system in place? Instead of seeing yourself as overwhelmed see the system as a conduit to bring your voice to the world. Maybe you are fighting mental fatigue trying to figure out how to complete a project. Something that helps is to take a break and remind yourself of how far you’ve come and that anything worth having takes effort. As a client said to me recently, “If anybody could do it then it wouldn’t be worth it”.

I’d love to hear how reframing has helped you. Please leave a comment here so we can all benefit.