Unsure about the next phase of your life?

Gain the clarity you need to chart your future.

Whether you’re facing a career transition, contemplating life in retirement, or seeking direction in midlife, I can help you navigate your transition faster and with hope.

Are you less than passionate about your job?

Are you ready for change?

You can take career assessments, but without the support and accountability from a professional coach you will likely get distracted and stuck in your efforts for career development and change. I’ve helped hundreds of people and will help you get better results faster than you will on your own.

Together we can partner to:

  • Discover your life purpose, mission and vision
  • Discern how to apply your life mission into your career choice
  • Orient your life to join God in the greater work He is doing in the world
“Michael has been a tremendous asset in developing my personal and professional growth. Through working with him I have not only been able to identify those areas most important to me, but I have converted them into action. Michael has been a wealth of resources that I would never have considered.”
Rick E., Attorney and Managing Partner

Yes! I'd like a FREE 30-minute strategy session to see if Career Coaching is right for me!


Do you want an active, fulfilling retirement?

Do you have a vision or new dream to pursue in retirement?

Or are you feeling unsure of the future?

Retirement is a time to grow, explore and embark on new adventures. Beyond a financial plan, you need a Retirement Life Plan. I can help you create your Retirement Life Plan and a clear goal for how you will replace the positive aspects of your job such as:

  • important relationships
  • a sense of purpose
  • value from your title and position
  • mental stimulation and challenges of work
“As I retired from my career I contacted Michael to help me discover what I would do with the next stage of my life. Working together I discovered my mission and vision for my “Golden Years” and am filled with enthusiasm as I’ll be helping families deal with damaged relationships!”
Kathy C., retired Project Manager


Why use a retirement coach? There are many excellent resources that will help you make the transition to retirement very successful.

But if you are like most people you may download a book and even start it but then you get busy and distracted. Don’t feel bad about that, just recognize that you are just like me and most other people.

Without the regular accountability of a coaching call you will not actually use these great tools and have the fabulous retirement that you truly desire.

I’ve helped hundreds of people and will help you get better results faster than you will on your own.

Yes! I'd like a FREE 30-minute strategy session to see if Retirement Coaching is right for me!


“I give Michael the strongest recommendation possible for his work with me as I transitioned from full time employment to full time retirement.

Michael is a man of faith, which underlies everything that he says but without being “preachy”. He instills great confidence that his thoughts and observations are accurate; you can totally trust him.

He is extremely personable and a very easy conversationalist, even when sharing personal details, further assisted by his understated manner.

Michael is a great listener and remembers (or has taken notes) on what you tell him; you never have to cover the same material twice.

He has great insight, great perceptivity and his experience gives him a wide range of knowledge and intelligence. He has been extremely helpful to me in my journey, and I encourage others to take advantage of the gifts he offers.”

Mark Peterson

Significance, Purpose and Passion.

Maybe these are words you haven’t felt in a long time about your life’s direction but they do describe how you would like to live the second half of life.

Let me partner with you to:

  • Get clear on who you are and what you were created to do
  • Express your purpose in a genuine way
  • Chart your future
“Michael is Coach of the Year in my book. He helped me through one of the biggest transition times of my life. Your wisdom and insight allowed me to gain new perspectives on what was facing me. Not only were you committed to my success you walked me through several processes which allowed me to be successful during our time working together. Your coaching has made a great impact in my life and you will be rewarded in heaven for your effort.”
Kevin R., Counselor

Yes! I'd like a FREE 30-minute strategy session to see if Midlife Coaching is right for me!