Responding to God’s invitation

You long for significance. A desire for more. More impact as a father, mother, husband, wife. To show up bigger in your home, your church, your community. But more than that, you yearn to be part of the greater work God is doing. You know you have been created for a greater purpose, yet most [...]

Why Does It Feel Like Something Is Missing?

Recently I found myself reminiscing on a Sunday afternoon about the many autumns our family has shared together. At that moment I realized that a change of seasons in my life is underway. Other than Christmas, autumn is the favorite time of year in our home. We absolutely love September through December! I noticed as [...]

Relating to God when Life Turns Upside Down

The past two newsletters I’ve focused on how to integrate head knowledge about God into a heart knowledge about God. To answer the question, “Who Is God?” to me personally. Although I had included practical exercises in each newsletter, I thought it might be better to share in this newsletter how I’ve been living out [...]

The Key to Manage Life’s Uncertainty

Last month I began to explore a process meant to help lead a Christian from a borrowed faith to a genuine faith. Although this intentional process can occur through different approaches, one that I’ve found works well is the process found in “The Seven Most Important Questions You Will Ever Answer” by Daniel Henderson. The [...]

The Boston bombings: Lessons from an eye witness

Many are anxious and fearful as they watch the news today. Stories of bombings, mass murders, as well as the moral, economic, and spiritual decline of the United States. Of course, this should be disturbing as it reveals the hardships and heartaches many live with each day. However, as a Christian we can have an [...]

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