Responding to God’s invitation

You long for significance. A desire for more. More impact as a father, mother, husband, wife. To show up bigger in your home, your church, your community. But more than that, you yearn to be part of the greater work God is doing. You know you have been created for a greater purpose, yet most [...]

The Value of Focus

I don’t know if it just me, but it seems like the opportunities to get distracted have multiplied. Things like the internet, which gives access to unbelievable amounts of research, can become a distraction by chasing one article after another – often getting “hooked” and off target. Or perhaps it’s social media and following the [...]

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Hope – to cherish desire with anticipation; to desire with expectation of obtainment; to expect with confidence.. Have you ever wondered how important hope is for your life? The Bible places hope alongside faith and love in the first book written to the Corinthian church. It states, “Now remains faith, hope and love. The greatest [...]

Keeping It Real

In the past three newsletters I’ve tried to help cast a vision for a life of intention and fulfillment. These articles have focused on eliminating distractions that keep us from pursuing a relationship with God, our family and other important people in our lives.  As much as I try to end each newsletter with a challenge [...]

Stressed Out? 3rd Key – Create Life Balance with these 2 simple ideas

Two weeks ago I started a short series on managing stress. The first key discussed is to learn people skills and the second key is to learn to manage your emotions. You can read these posts here. The key we'll explore this week is to purposely create life balance. Key #3: Create Life Balance Life balance [...]