You long for significance. A desire for more. More impact as a father, mother, husband, wife. To show up bigger in your home, your church, your community. But more than that, you yearn to be part of the greater work God is doing. You know you have been created for a greater purpose, yet most days look the same as the day before.

Unfortunately, you might find yourself caught up in a pace of life that doesn’t allow for the space to consider what that purpose is. Perhaps you struggle to discern His call for you. Or maybe you have an inkling of what that call is but have settled for defining it in smaller terms. This helps to minimize the fear that creeps in at the thought of stepping out and living God’s call. After all, there are obligations, bills to pay, people counting on you.
Yet the yearning continues. It’s because it was planted there by God and He is extending an opportunity for you to partner with Him. So you and I, we have a choice. Do we suppress the voice inside of us that says, “you were born for more than this” or will we take that first next step toward the dream God has planted in our heart.

For example, I am working with someone now who has a small graphics business. He knows God has called him to start his business and has begun the journey toward his dream. However, he has been trapped by fear of leaving the comfort zone of a steady paycheck. His fear has caused him to hesitate for three years in moving toward his dream. It’s been wonderful to partner with him to develop a strategy to take the steps past his fears and move toward God’s dream for him!

So what about you? What is stirring in your heart? There is a predictable process most dreamers take toward living out their call. I’d love to share these with you along with some helpful questions to support you to take your next step. Please don’t wait! Don’t let another day pass before you respond to the song in your heart.