This past January I began a series called creating an Inspired Retirement plan. This series contains parts from my new ebook called: 7 Keys to a Fabulous, Thriving and Rewarding Retirement, which will soon be available. If you would like a complimentary copy, simply email me and I will add your name to the list of those to receive it.

While most retirement planning focuses solely on finances, an Inspired Retirement must include having a life plan. In February we explored mindset and a 3 step approach to re-shape and transform our thinking. In March we learned how discovering and living your life purpose can potentially add years to your life. This month we will delve into the significant impact retirement has to your home life, extended family and community. The value of having supportive people in any life transition cannot be overstated. In fact, it has been proven in scientific studies, that having the support of like-minded people is a key to making successful life change.

This study was done in the ‘90s by Alan Deutschman on people who had to make lifestyle changes to improve their health. In fact the title was called, Change or Die. Not exactly a warm title but it fit the investigation he did into how people could change and create a healthy lifestyle after open heart surgery. One key finding was that having a supportive group of people surrounding the person through the change process was crucial to their success. Nine out of ten people who did not reverted back to their old habits and lifestyle. That is why groups such as Weight Watchers or Alcoholics Anonymous have great potential to bring lasting change. These groups offer a community of support and encouragement that surrounds the member. Most meetings end with the leader saying, “Don’t forget to come back” or “Keep showing up.”

This is true no matter if you are an introvert or extravert. In fact, except for stay at home moms with 3 toddlers, the need for a supportive community is greater for people retiring than at any other stage in life. And this supportive community goes beyond supporting your life mission. That’s why it is key to think of intentional ways to connect with people and develop rewarding friendships. Two things to note here, first, most men tend to have two primary places for friendships, their co-workers and their spouse. If the husband retires before his wife, he will feel disconnected or lonely because their ‘better half’ is still fully engaged with a job and career. Second, it is important to develop the depth and breadth of both casual relationships and those with closer friends, especially those who have successfully made the retirement transition.

What about you? For casual relationships, start with existing friends. Some may be retired and love to have an occasional breakfast or lunch together.
What relationships can you form while pursuing other life interests like wellness or continuing education?

This concludes the series on “3 Keys to creating an Inspired Retirement Plan”. As I mentioned, these are part of a new ebook called The 7 Keys to a Fun, Fabulous and Fulfilling retirement. This book is free but you need to email me for a copy.

If you are ready to take action today to create a personal life plan for retirement you can get a copy of the Inspired Retirement Planner here. If you are curious how a professional life coach can help you create a life plan of purpose, passion and significance than email me or call 484-461-6403 and we can schedule a complimentary inquiry call to explore what this would look like. Whatever you do, don’t put the life planning process off for another time. Get started today!