Have you ever wondered how important hope is for your life? The Bible places hope alongside faith and love in the first book written to the Corinthian church. It states, “Now remains faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love.” It is easy to see how important having faith and love is for [...]

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Keeping It Real

In the past three newsletters I’ve tried to help cast a vision for a life of intention and fulfillment. These articles have focused on eliminating distractions that keep us from pursuing a relationship with God, our family and other important people in our lives.  As much as I try to end each newsletter with a challenge [...]

Stressed Out? Key #1: Learn people skills

Maybe it's the pace of life or all the changes going on but people are stressed. As I have coached busy people over the past decade, one common theme that comes up is "How do I manage stress?" It’s sad to see how this beast wreaks havoc on relationships every day and saps productivity from [...]

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