In the January newsletter I began a series on creating an Inspired Retirement plan. I mentioned that while most retirement planning focuses solely on finances, an Inspired Retirement also includes having a life plan. The first, and probably most important key to creating a life plan is mind set. The Book of Proverbs states, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” In other words, our mindset affects our attitudes which affect our actions. It really is true of all we do in life, including the life planning process. The great news is that our mindset can be shaped and transformed by a 3 step approach. Here’s how.

The first step is awareness. Consider each change retirement will bring and what you think about them. Since you will no longer have the same daily routine, what will that be like for you? How about the loss of work relationships and interactions with people? Most people tie their identity to their work. This was once typical of men, but more and more women find this happening to them. So it is important to explore what your new identity will be based on.

Once a negative mindset has been uncovered, the second step is to explore alternatives to this. Begin to list what kind of thoughts are needed for creating an exciting new routine, great relationships and an authentic personal identity.  Ask yourself, “What is the mindset I choose to have in this life transition? What are the possibilities?” Explore your alternatives with freedom and lightness.

Finally, take action. What actions will you take to embrace thoughts of optimism, hope, and possibilities? What makes sense at this time? Notice that action doesn’t occur until you explore the possibilities and than decide which actions you want to embrace. This will help you be intentional in your outcomes and flexible if you need to make adjustments along the way. Remember, you get to choose your mindset through the retirement process. So what do you choose?

If you have found yourself desiring to take action today to create your personal life plan for retirement you can get a copy of the Inspired Retirement Planner here. If you are curious how a professional life coach can help you create a life plan of purpose, passion and significance than email me or call 484-461-6403 and we can schedule a complimentary inquiry call to explore what this would look like. Whatever you do, don’t put the life planning process off for another time. Time waits for no one.