Coaching and The Brain

Learn to leverage the connection between Neuroscience and Coaching!

“What are some constants we’ve seen about a coach’s background? Very consistently over the years, about 95% of coaches have said a background in neuroscience moderately or positively affects credibility. However, only 10% of coaches say their training was based on neuroscience and/or psychology. It has also become very clear that a majority of professionals think coaches should have at least a working knowledge of neuroscience. And 85% of all respondents agree that neuroscience should have a role in coaching.”
— Sherpa 2017 Executive Coaching Report

Don’t put off learning about the connection between brain science and coaching. (Listen to recent “Coaching and the Brain” webinar.) This year take the step to become part of the 10% of coaches who are incorporating the principles of brain science into your coaching.

The Coaching and The Brain class will meet for eight weeks Mondays at 4pm Eastern starting February 24 through April 13, 2020.

The class will explore:

  • Brain Basics: An overview of the brain and how each region functions.
  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence: Explore the “why” behind our actions and re-actions to people and circumstances.
  • Personal Performance Plan: Assist each participant to create a personal performance plan using the brain insights. (This process alone is worth participating!)
  • A Coaching Model: Explore and customize a coaching process that incorporates brain science for coaching individuals to develop the mindset and live with greater effectiveness in school, work and relationships.

**This class is open to coaches or individuals who desire to live a life of greater effectiveness.

“The material in this class was wonderful! I learned so much about how our brain functions, learns, creates change, handles conflict, fear and emotions. There were many practical applications that helped me sort through the things we face daily with greater self-awareness. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to have better relationships at work, at home, or in our culture.” Doreen Steenland

“I highly recommend the Coaching and the Brain class. It helped me take coaching to a deeper level by understanding how the brain works for both my clients and myself. Implementing information from this course such as understanding the area of expectations, the significance of status and juggling multiple tasks at once has significant impact for my clients. Coaching and the Brain is a fascinating study and a must for coaches.” Susan Van Duinan

Here are the details:

The Coaching and The Brain class will meet Mondays from 4-5pm Eastern starting February 24 through April 13, 2020. All of the calls will be recorded should you miss any.

NOTE: You can still benefit from the class even if you are unable to attend the live training. Simply email me of your interest and I can work with you to listen to the recordings of the class that finished recently.

Investment: The investment is $315  if paid in full or $160 if spread over two months. Early Bird Special: 20% discount available through February 9, 2020!! Price is just $250 paid in full or $130 if spread over two months.

This course provides 8 hours of ICF continuing education credit. For questions email me at and let me know of your interest. To enroll sign up here: Yes, I’m ready to enroll in the Coaching and the Brain Class!